Grapevine convention!

Here are some of the make and take I did in the convention. It was my first time taking this kind of classes. I just had a blast and the learned knew techniques.
The first image is a card done using stamps from Local King.

The teacher from Invoke arts had us use two mirrored images of the same stamp in two different pages. One of the images was colored in so it could be seen threw the other page.

After midnight teacher had a die~ cut of a dress mannequin that we had to dress up. The mannequin reminded me of Madonna or Lady Gaga. I also did a box by the same teacher. It was very educational and fun experience. I just love the butterfly. The inside is still a work in progress.

The Google eye store had a good make and take of a Texas card. Now I am a New Yorker so I felt a little weird doing a Texas Card. Some of the other participants decided not to do part of the Texas card because they where not from Texas. I did the card to see the different techniques they used. But I wont be able to give this card away because all my friend are not originally from Texas.   

But I definitely  had a lot of fun at the Heirloom Convention in Grapevine. I can’t wait till next year’s convention.

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