My Christmas Letter

 My Letter
The holiday  season can be a little hard on all of us. It’s especially hard for my hubby and I because we are away from our families. We have come to love living in Texas, the people are way more friendlier,we barely have a winder and financially everything is cheaper than leaving in NYC. However, we miss our families dearly. I miss that my son wont get to enjoy going to Mima Crane to visit or go fishing with grandpa anytime the wants to. Or visit my family who lives in NYC where my son could experience the city life where I grew up and spread my wings. In life we all make sacrifices and I hope they all know that we miss them!
I’ve learned that we need to make our own traditions and memories as a family. This year I hope to finally see my son open up his presents! Last year he was to young to even know what Christmas meant but this year is going to be very exciting. This Christmas will also be the first year were our close friend wont be around. They are all going home for the holidays. However, we are building new friendships and we will have The Sasse family join us this year. We are thankful to have new people in our lives. All of our friends don’t have family in Texas, they all came to Texas for the same reason we did for work. 
I hope that everyone has someone to love on Christmas and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. I will be featuring my hubby tutorial soon. I am super excited about that, we have a house full of talented people! 
Merry Christmas !!!

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