Ikea Curtain Cushion Covers Tutorial

My New updated and completely finish couch!

Updated Picture of my couch. I made couple more slip covers for my pillows.

The last one on your right is a purchase slip cover from Ikea. 

 Once Upon a time…

I moved to Texas to be with my boyfriend. I know that’s crazy but that’s a story for another time.  We did not have a lot of furniture and we needed to find something we could sit on. The search began for couches. We went to furniture stores, but they were out of our budget. A light came on..ding!! Craigslist, why of course!  At the time I did not know much about craigslist because in the city you don’t go to stranger’s houses to buy furniture unless of course you want something bad to happen to you. So I was a little skeptical. However, my boyfriend said it was perfectly fine and safe and we made arrangements to see the couches. As we drove to the home of the craiglist post, I started to imagine horror stories where you walk in and never come out of the home. Of course I was so over reacting.
The couple who we meet  had a dog and a one year old and they were moving over seas and could not take the couches with them. They were super nice and down to earth. As soon as I saw the couches I wanted to have them. We had seen the same couches at a furniture stores and just fell in love with them but not the prices. Even though the couches had some damage from use, we purchased them. However, they have now become the bane of my existence. I hate these couches! I have a dog, cat & a one year old little boy, spilling juice, milk , a dog who licks all over it and a cat that sleeps all over it. 
You may ask why can’t we just get rid of them since I hate them so much? Well like in everything in life, we don’t have the money to replace my couches or have them professionally re-upholstered. The only alternative is to do it myself. 
I have been scouting around for fabric and found that it was going to cost me about $60.00 to get the fabric I wanted and other materials to get it done. However, here is where things get interesting…I went to Ikea to look around and when I went to there ‘As is’ section I found these two red curtain panels for $5.00 each! I just loved the color and they where brand new! Regular price for the curtain is $24.99.
I decided at that moment to use the curtains to cover my cushions. I am a beginner at sewing and   making a proper cushion was a little daunting to me, so I decided to make my cushion covers just like I would make crib sheets. It would be fast and easy and every time I need to wash them it would be easy to take them off and them put back on the couch. Especially, since I have so many messy people in my home.
Here is what I did…
1. Curtains- ($10.00)
 2. Sewing machine (own)
 3. Thread (own)
4. 3/8 Elastic (.97 cents)
5. Two safety pins (own)
6. Measuring tape (own)
7. pen & paper (own)
8. Scissors (own)
9. Iron(own)
The first thing I did was to measure the cushions width, height, & depth.
My measurement were    W = 29 Inches
                                      H = 35 Inches
                                    D = 7 Inches
I added an extra 16 inches to the width & height and extra 3 inches to the depth to help cover the undersides of the cushion.
New Measurements:
W =45 Inches
H= 51 Inches
D= 10 Inches
Now you will need to add the width and depth together.
Total Measurements:
W= 55 Inches
H = 51 Inches
These are the measurement you will need to use to cut the fabric. I promise this is all the math you will need to do.
Once you have ironed the fabric, lay it out and cut it to the dimensions you need it. Once that is done you will need to cut 8×8 squares at each corner of your fabric.
You will need to take the corners and and sew them together on the backside of the fabric for each four corners.
Then to make stitching easy you will need to fold the fabric about one inch in on the back of the fabric. No less and half and inch if desired. Ironing the seam will help  keep the fabric in place. 

This step is the second longest part to do.  When you have gone all around the fabric and about to close the seam leave a small opening to allow the elastic to go in.

Take the elastic and attach a safety pin to each end. The larger safety pin will be going into the seam and you will pull it all the way though the other side. Attach the small safety pin with elastic to the fabric so it does not get pulled in through the seam while you are pulling. 
I used a plastic long tube that I had lying around from going to the Renaissance Fair with my sister.  I put the safety pin though with the elastic and pulled it through the fabric. It was a lot easier than just trying to pull the safety pin all around.

 Once the elastic has come out both ends you will need to put the cover around the cushion and make sure it’s as tight as you want it to be. Please be careful with this step and attach both safety pin to the fabric so the elastic does not get away from you and get lost inside the seams. Trust me this happened to me three times while trying to adjust the tightness of the elastic around the cushion. By the end of it I was ready to throw the cushion out the window!
 When everything is to your liking you will need to stitch both elastic ends together. 

When everything is to your liking you will need to stitch both elastic ends together.
The final product will look like this!! Its super easy. It took me about 3 nights to complete the project and with two panels I was able to do three cushions and one pillow!! Not bad for $12.00 including the elastic. I do have one more large cushion to cover so I need to go back to Ikea and see if I can find another deal.
Even Kinjal (my dog) loves the good deal!! Kinjal did not feel like moving off the couch for the picture.

 Thank you everyone for joining me and I hope you like my project!

Till Later…

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21 thoughts on “Ikea Curtain Cushion Covers Tutorial

  1. Design_Fluff

    This is a great idea! I”m getting ready to do something to my funky sofa’s and replacing them is not in the budget, either. I love how you used curtains from ikea!

    Thanks for visiting my blog the other day and leaving a nice comment:)

  2. Shannon @ COZY HOME SCENES

    I love the punches of color you added with the red and the pillows with the green. Everything works so well together, and you would never know that’s a handmade cover. You did a great job, especially for someone new to sewing. Thank you for linking this to my party!

  3. Rebecca Scott (aka Otter)

    Looks great! I hear ya about the whole concern over Craigslist thing. I’m a little wary of it myself but so far I’ve only met nice people who were just trying to get rid of things at fair prices. Glad you could get this set back into order and looking better than ever.

  4. WhisperWood Cottage

    Such a clever and thrifty solution! I had never thought of removable covers using the elastic. That’s brilliant! I appreciate the tutorial, too!! Thanks for linking up to the 1st Project of the Year Party!

  5. Anonymous

    I have that same couch! Great Idea. BTW I dont know if you tried, but the covers clean up great in the wash. I then dry on “no heat” and zip them back on. =)

  6. Loren

    Anonymous I know but my hubby broke one of the zipper off the cushions and two of them have holes in them fabric. My little one cant see a hole with our pulling on it to make it bigger!

    1. crafty goddess

      Thanks for this post. I just finished using it to cover my 4 rectangular cushions but was wondering how you covered the weird L-shaped one. I’m having trouble and about to lose my mind over it! Please share your wisdom 🙂

      1. Loren Post author

        I hope you figured out how to cover the L shape part because it was a little weird for me at first too. I just cut the fabric into L shape and then cut the 4 side panels and sew each panel together. I hope that makes sense.

  7. Karla

    OH I SOOOO GLAD I FOUND THIS!!! I’ve been thinking of doing this for months but wasn’t sure how it would turn out so I’d been searching for someone else who might have done it but no luck, til now. I think it looks great!!! I can’t wait to do it. My couch is just like yours, same colors, same everything and I’m tired of it. Thanks so much for sharing. Visiting from a past Freckled laundry party 🙂

  8. Ila

    I just found your tutorial on Pinterest this weekend. ON POINT!! I have a sectional that has rips on it and I used to put a blanket on it but that got ripped. So, I went to Walmart and found some matching material for $6 and I fixed it! It took me 5 hours because I am not so sewing machine savvy but I did it and I love it!!


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