Reupholstering Chair Part I

One lucky day while coming back from the grocery store we found this beauty on the side of the road. She look sad and we decided to take her in.

 I was so excite to take this chair apart and make it my own. Our first reupholstering job! I ran to Joann’s and purchased Tack lifter. I also went to Home depot and purchased an extra pair of pliers. 
It seem simple enough when we stated removing the decorative nails from the outside of the chair.  However, we were in for a surprise.
Once the nail where removed the back fabric was easily removed. We noticed by the existing fabric that the chair had been reupholstered by its previous owner.

Then we noticed all the stables they used! They were endless and all over the place!! I was very thankful that I purchased a tack lifter that night but I wished I had purchased two, because some stables were too close to the wood to be remove by just the pliers. The tack lifter was able to get under the stable and lift it and the used the pliers to remove it. Since we only had one tack lifter my hubby did most of the staple removal. His poor hand were almost raw by the end of the night. It took us about 4 hours to remove all the fabric and most of all staples from the chair.
When all the fabric was removed all the padding was left on chair, just looking at the chair it made me itch! The padding look bad and the cat kept smelling it and going crazy on it. We decided to remove all the padding because we did not know what was on it but the cat did. I was thankful that we put down a blanket because the chair was very dirty.

By the end of the night only the wood and springs where left on the chair. It seem like we bit more than we could chew. But I am not one to give us easily!

Till next time! 

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5 thoughts on “Reupholstering Chair Part I

  1. Cherished Bliss

    I’m looking forward to the rest… I have a partially deconstructed chair in my garage I’m working on…. getting a little nervous about how to recover it because I’m not planning on doing it the same way it was before! Do you plan on using the little metal teeth thingys?

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