Reupholstering Chair part II

I am back with part II of reupholstering! After taking a mini break from the chair, we went back to work on it.  
You can’t see it very well from the top picture but all the springs were gathered in the center due to wear. 
Once they where untangled I sewed the spring to the bottom webbing. I used wax thread to keep it in place. It took me about 2 hours to sew all 9 springs.

Then I placed burlap on top of the spring and stapled it to the wood frame of the chair.
I also sew the spring to the burlap as to not wear the fabric too much with time. 

Three hours later we started on the foam. I got the airtex foam at Joann’s for $15. They had a 50% off foam sale, which is very lucky for me since I needed so much of it. 

We measured the chair width and height and then the cutting began!

By this point we were exhausted and drained but we went on!

We measured and cut and finally the foam fit perfectly on the chair! 

I hope you all enjoy the tutorial, I am trying to show you all a lot of pictures just in case you have a similar chair that you are reupholstering. I have looked around at other blogs and they always have the before and after pictures but not much in between for reference. I hope this helps.
Here is the link to Reupholstering chair part I
Till later.

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13 thoughts on “Reupholstering Chair part II

  1. Cherished Bliss

    I am so looking forward to how you do the fabric… that’s the part that intimidates me : )

    I love the details your showing, I agree I have looked all over and I see tutorials, but I haven’t found one that is detailed on how the fabric is stretched and pulled and all the pretty edges! Can’t wait!!

  2. Cinthya

    I can’t wait to see the result. It’s such a beautiful chair and I love that you’re showing all the steps. I have a similar project to do but am in the process of finding out what tools and materials I need so I will definitely learn a thing or two from your experience. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Shannon @ COZY HOME SCENES

    Wow, you are very brave to tackle this yourself. I turned down a chair last year that was beutiful, but needed a new cover and a lot of TLC. Can’t wait to see your other tutorials so maybe next time I won’t be so intimidated to take a chair like that home with me.

    Thank you so much for adding this to my party this week. A cute chair will indeed make for a cozy spot in your home!

  4. Mary

    I’ve done a lot of DIY projects but I’ve never been brave enough to recover a piece of furniture.
    I can’t wait to see the results.

  5. Gmama Jane

    I have an almost identical chair or I should say my daughter does. She uses it for her photography and stores it at my house. She wants it recovered and hear you are to the rescue. Thanks
    Gmama Jane

  6. Donna

    Finally, I can get a complete tutorial! Thank you so much for doing this, you are great! As soon as I start and complete mine, I’ll post pictures.

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  8. Melody H

    What is the blue stuff on the chair back? Is it a fabric or fiberboard or something? Was it left on or did you put it there after taking everything off?

    1. Loren Post author

      Hi, To answer your question the blue stuff is actual fabric that came with the chair to separate the from from the back. I left it their and added foam on top of that fabric. Hope that helps.


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