What Cabinet Door, Picture frames & Heart Pillow have in Common?

Cabinet door, frames & heart pillow have in common? Well they are my mini projects I have been doing around the house. I decided to have them all in one post. Lets begin with my mantel. After the holidays my mantle was so bare and ugly I did not know what I was going to do with it. My hubby wanted to cover it up with the couch. He hates fireplaces. I just love them!! However, I did not have any inspiration for it. I decided to go out shopping at Ikea to get some ideas. That’s where I saw this beautiful white cabinet door in the At is section. It was only  $5.00. 

 I already had the stencil on my wall that I just took off and attached it on the cabinet door. 
My hubby help attache the hinges. The hinges only cost $1.50 at walmart.
WA-la! A secret door on my mantle.
 I can also place a secret behind the door. It make the fireplace come a live. I have not decide what to  put behind the door and as soon as I do,  you will too! My mantle is still a work in process and hope to have my finish mantle soon.

My next little project is picture frames, I added fabric to the edges to make it match with the decor.
I had this kind of boring picture frames that needed so color. I took it apart and use some left over fabric and glued it to the picture frame . 
See the difference between the two!  Its a great way to use any left over fabric.

One boring night I was browsing Pinterest and I found this cute little heart pillow. It inspires me to do one myself. I just wish I new who to thank but no link was attached to it. If  you know please let me know so I can give credit.  
Here is my pillow!! 
I used burlap, red ribbon and red fabric. It all cost me under $10.00! 

I used a pencil to mark the spot I wanted the ribbon to go through. Its supper easy. I sewed the bow so it wont untie itself or my little monster pull on it.
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Till next time! 

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