What’s in your purse?!

A bowl full of lemons has a link party of what’s in your purse. 
My current purse is the only expensive purse I have ever own. I don’t like to spend to much money on purses because I don’t like to carry them around. In NYC I found it hard to carry a purse around. the bus and the train is crowded and you are always hitting someone with it. But since I drive now its so much easier.
Let’s find out what kind of person I am,

Here are all the things in my purse.

I have my handy idea book for my crafts. Every time I get inspired I write it down here.

I have my retail store card holders. 

Then I have all my girly stuff. I always need to have chap-stick. Every jacket I own has one, my lips have to be kissable for my hubby.
I never carried hand sanitizer until I had my son, you never know what he is going to put in his mouth. 

Who does not like a good deal! I always need to carry my coupons with me. 

Here you can see how it all fits! I wonder what everyone else has in there purse?
Till Later..
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