Bookshelf Curtains Tutorial

Living in an apartment leaves you with minimal space to work with and storage is a nightmare! I decided to use one of my many bookshelf to store my crafting supplies. The bookshelf is located in my living room and I just hated how everything look up for display for everyone to see.
bookshelf, curtains, DIY, bookshelves covers, tutorial, fabric for bookselfbookshelf, curtains, DIY, bookshelves covers, tutorial, fabric for bookself

Updated picture!
I decided to name all the things that are on my bookshelves!

 I would look at the bookshelf everyday and get irritated but I had nowhere else to place my supplies. Until one night a light bulb came on!

Why don’t I just do little curtains?!
 All I did was measure the shelves and added extra 2 inches to each side and 3 inches on to . It was and easy sewing job since they are just squares. I used red thread to make it pop a little and match my curtains.
bookshelf, curtains, DIY, bookshelves covers, tutorial, fabric for bookselfbookshelf, curtains, DIY, bookshelves covers, tutorial, fabric for bookself

As you can see my little monster mess on the bottom bookshelf. The last two shelves are used to store his toys. 
 I used a dowel and half a wine cork on each side to hold up the curtains. I really did not want to make holes on my bookshelves or glue anything on it. The fabric is light enough that it does not weight it down. 
Super easy and wonderful to cover up my messy bookshelf. 
Thank you all for joining me!
Till Later.

42 thoughts on “Bookshelf Curtains Tutorial

  1. Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm

    This is an awesome idea! I have a lot of my craft stuff on a book shelf and even though it’s all in those clear shoe boxes…it still looks messy! Thanks for sharing this! Also, thank you for visiting my blog and following me. I’m happily following you back via Linky!

  2. Rebekah

    I also am currently living in a smaller apartment and space really does stink! I love what you have done by adding a curtain. Super cute! BTW thanks for following my blog! I love having new readers! You can add me as a new follower also!

  3. Shannon @ Cozy Home Scenes And Cozy Home Kitchen

    Hi Loren-

    That is a great idea with the corks. I have been wanting to make a little curtain to hide junk under my sewing table. I have the fabric and have been testing a tension rod, but am not sure that will work. If not, I will certainly try the cork idea.

    Like you, I prefer a clean look without the clutter, so the curtains to hide everything is a great idea.

    Thanks for sharing on the Your Cozy Home Party. Please remember to include your link back inside the post. Thanks!

  4. Aledia

    Visiting you from Cozy Home and I’m your newest follower on Linky 🙂

    Your bookshelf curtains are a fabulous idea and I love the material you chose!

    Have a great week!

  5. Helena Davey

    This is great. I love the pop of color. We have the same problem in our apartment, plus with only North facing windows the place is pretty dark. What a fun way to lighten up a space.

  6. Sherry

    I love the bright cheerful fabric and the idea to hide the clutter. I have a sewing room but sometimes all of the clutter is distracting, your idea might be the perfect solution for me.

  7. FineArtPainting

    Oh, you must be happy looking at this new cabinet. So fun (besides being so tidy).

    Thank you for linking back to the party at FineCraftGuild.com btw. that is most appreciated as well as your contribution to it.


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