Fabric Chair Reupholstering Part V

 Another day with my chair! I can’t wait to finish it. Today we are working on covering the chair with fabric I purchased at Ikea. I had purchased the inverse pattern a little while ago and used it on two canvases for my dining room.
I thought it would be nice to use the same pattern for the chair. 
After the fabric for the arm was cut using the same pattern from the original fabric, we place it on the arm. At the front of the arm I took the edge of the fabric and nailed it to the frame. 
Then a placed my finger under the fabric to make a fold.
I again nailed the next fold to the frame. 
Ta-da! Here is the finished product. I did five folds on each arm rest.

Now to begin with the placing the fabric on the back of chair. We used the pattern from the old fabric.

I used the same fold as in the arm on the edge of the back of the chair and then stapled the folds and the back.

We also stapled the bottom of the fabric to the frame.
It almost looks like a complete chair! 
Here is a look at how we stapled the arm fabric to the arm. We stapled under the arm rest and pulled tight.

The arm rest is covered by two pieces of fabric. Just a reminder as you are removing the original pieces of fabric always label where you got them from because it starts getting confusing if you don’t know where the fabric came from.

Once the fabric is cut I stapled it to the bottom of the arm rest on the outside of the frame and pulled tight and them stapled the other end to the bottom of the frame. I tried to match the pattern from the arm rest to side panel.

Now the big projects begins! We had to make our own template for the back because we were not going to use decorative nail to hold the fabric like the previus owners did. We needed to make the fabric a lot tighter. We stapled the top first  and then we worked on the sides. 
I stapled the sides and made sure to make a pleat while stapling.  The fabric was stapled on the outside of the frame and under the armrest. The frame had a sturdy wood bar running down the back on either side.  so i used this as a natural place to hide the seams.  The image on left shows the fabric before making a diagonal cut and trimming and then folding the extra underneath to create the nice seam in the right image

Ta-da!  I just had one last thing to finished. I used black fabric to cover the bottom of the chair.
We are almost there! Just a few last details to take care of and the chair is finished!
I hope you are all enjoying this journey with me! 
Till tomorrow.

Here are the other post on how this chair came to be.

2 thoughts on “Fabric Chair Reupholstering Part V

  1. Lissa Shell

    My mom recently gave me my grandaddy’s 1960’s gold tweed rocker. Are you feeling me with the gold tweed… While I LOVE the chair, I’m NOT digging the gold tweed! I’m looking forward to recovering it and your post is the closest I’ve found to the design of my chair.
    Thank you for all of the detail. This is going to be a huge help! I’ll post pictures as I go along on my blog obxhousewife


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