Shadow Box redo to Footstool

I am so excited to show you what I did this weekend. I was up to 2 am doing this project all by myself! It almost sounds like a song, haha. Yep, I am a little corny.
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 I have had this shadow box for a couple of years and it has always been in the way. Its to big and bulky and it would never stay in place. Finally on Friday night I pick it up to place it somewhere else and it came to me. I’ve been looking for a footstool on craiglist, by the dumpster and The Salvation Army and I can’t find the right one. Why not make one? The stool is sturdy enough to handle the weight and big enough for my cute little tootsies. 
The first thing I did was run to home depot and get stool legs which I then stained. One piece of advice don’t start staining in 90 degree weather because the wood won’t have enough time to soak in the stain and will dry to fast.

While doing this project I learned something new which was the thread rod extends. I was not told that by the associate. Don’t get me wrong I like the the HD associates and they are very helpful and knowledgeable but this little piece of information would have sped up the process. Another associate did recommend a T-nut to be used to hold the stool legs in place. I was so happy he recommended it, forgive the blurriness as i intended to take a better one but… well you’ll see.

The T-nuts have little teeth at the bottom to dig in the wood to make sure the legs stay in place. First you will need to make the hole and then hammer the t-nuts in the hole. Then you can attach leg bottom. 

I cut a piece of airtrex foam chair pad to fit the top of the shadow box and then cut the Ikea fabric to cover the foam. 

Second piece of advice make sure you fold in the edge of the fabric so you have a nice hold. If not you will need to take out the staples and do the hold thing all over again, like I did. I had already started gluing the trim when I figured out what I did wrong. The glue I used was fabric glue and it dries clear so it was not a big problem.

At the center of the box I decide to use Ikea fabric to cover the T-nuts. 

Ta-Da!! I finished my footstool. If I wanted I could even attach the stool to the wall so it would not move. I have not decided if I want to remove the mounting hanger from it. 

I know you where wondering what book I am reading, right? Are you reading any of the same ones?
I hope you liked my journey from shadow box to footstool. Now to go read a book. If you want to see my tutorial on the matching chair Here
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23 thoughts on “Shadow Box redo to Footstool

  1. Danee

    came from 36 ave. LOVE the chair fabric. Love 50 Shades. I read it online 3 years ago and was hopelessly hooked on it as my little secret. When she published it I pre-ordered 4 copies- 1 for me, my mom and my sis and 1 for whomever. I had to beg everyone to start it but once they did they were hooked. I read it over 2 years and it was so freaking fun.

  2. Theresa

    Hi Loren this turned out amazing! love your redo.

    I am also popping by to ask did you get my return email that was sent to you? I will need to know for posting & or if anything needs editing for tomorrow re: Friday Shout Out thanks, Theresa @

  3. Carolyn

    Just to let you know, I featured your wonderful project today. Pop on by and check it out {grab a featured button} and most importantly – have a wonderful weekend!

  4. The Belly Dancer

    Very good! I love how it matches with your sit. New follower, visiting from overflowing with creativity. Lovely blog. I am looking forward to reading more crafty posts. have a nice night.

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