Thrifty Finds in Dallas

I had a super busy weekend, I went to 4 antique stores, the salvation army, an estate sale and a flea market. I even tried haggling (I am not very good at it). I also attended a class with Dylan Reaveley, who is funny and full of fantastic quotes.  
My first stop was Lost and Found antiques. You never know what you are going to find in antique stores, but they are very pricey. I found this cute little antique stroller. I’ve always wanted to own one don’t ask me why because I don’t know.
I so want to get my hand on a pedal car for my little monster, maybe one day.

We also went to Junkadoodle and I found a great find. I also saw this beautiful Red Riding hood picture. I just fell in love with it and I am so tempted to go back and purchase it. 
While at Junkadoodle I found this cute little old shoe shine box that I purchased. You can’t go wrong with a wooden box. I am thinking of using it to store all my craft supplies. First I will sand it down and paint it up. I also found this cute little tobacco pipe at the flea market. It was totally an impulse buy because I don’t smoke. 
At the flea market I also got a drinking flask with a leather pouch and a stamp spinner holder. This is where the haggling came in and I got it for $8 instead of 10. I told you I am not really good but I just had to have it. 
The best deal of the day was this stool that I got for only $2!! I’ve been looking everywhere for a stool and I found one just hiding in the corner of the flea market. The seller said that her daughter used it to sleep on when she was with her at the booth.
What luck I had that day.

I attended Dylan Reaveley class at Stamp Aslym and found her to be just wonderful. She was full of insight and is a great teacher and of course she was teaching new techniques on making tags. I can’t wait to show you what I come up with.

I had too much fun and I am just hooked on going to find little treasures. I hope to go the flea market again in two weeks. Next weekend we are going to the Dallas Comic Con and its also my Bday weekend so I am very excited to explore the comic con and maybe even get Stan Lee’s autograph! Eekk!! I know I am such a nerd but I am okay with that 🙂
I hope all of you mom’s had a wonderful mother’s day and that you know you are cherished by those around you.
Till next time,

3 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds in Dallas

  1. Cinthya

    I love that pram and I can’t wait to see what you do with that stool. For $2?! Here in Canada that’s unheard of. You never get deals like that. People are just out to get more out of you than something is worth.

  2. Theresa

    I am so ready for thrifting. I haven’t been in awhile. Oh, how fun to get to Comic Con! & have a happy birthday if I don’t get by before then! Theresa @DearCreatives


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