Part Two of Our Love Story

After reconnecting after so many years of being apart we decided to have a long distance relationship. At first it was exciting and new. We talked every night and texted all day but it soon got old and lonely. We could not continue be so far apart from each other.  A year later I moved in with him from NYC to what I thought was middle of nowhere Texas( *Hubby Note* it was Dallas!  how is that the middle of nowhere?!). Fast forward to three years later we were getting ready to get married when 3 days before our wedding I found out we were pregnant with our wonderful little boy. (Oh by they way, he really did not ask me to marry him, he said I better marry him! haha. He spent a long time perfecting his proposal. He made me a cover of a comic book as part of the proposal. The proposed to me at my favorite comic shop )

As soon as I found out I called my mother and she was over joyed to know she was going to be a grandmother. Now I needed to tell my hubby. I really did not know what he was going to say. I picked up the phone and called him and I told him he needs to come home right away. He kept asking me “what’s wrong” and I just told him that he really needs to come home. Ten minutes later he is at the door (*Hubby note* She took the car that day so i had to run over a mile to get home). I am sitting at the couch and I tell him to come over and sit next to me. He says “No, tell me whats wrong now”. I said “I am trying to, please sit down next to me”. He still refuses to sit down till I tell him what’s wrong. I stood up and blurt it out, I am pregnant. At that moment I see his eyes roll to the back of his head and his entire body sway backwards. I go up to him and hold him. I just stood there for minute to make sure he was not going to faint on me and tell him to say something! He looks at me and says “This is this a good thing, right?” I told him yes and he was relieved but said “You don’t look to happy, but I am very happy that your pregnant”. It was a big unexpected surprise to say the least.  I was in shock for quite a while. 

Guess what happens next, 8 months later I find out that we will be moving back to NY! ( Hubby Note* She always mentioned how great it would be to have our families around and missed NY and wished our son could be born in NY so I did what I could to make it happen).

We moved one month before I gave birth to our son.  We were really happy that our family was present for our son’s birth. It was something I wanted to share with all of them.
After my son’s birth the doctor came in for his night visit and my husband was not present, as the doctor walked in I saw his expression change when he looked at me and my son. I had a darker complexion when I was pregnant and my son was a white as snow. I just looked at him and told him, “Yes he is mine”. The doctor just smiled and did his routine.
I was very happy to be in NY at first, I had my family and my hubby’s family helping me with my very first child. I was very blessed to have both grandmas helping me take care of my little treasure. However, as time went by we found out that we no longer were New Yonkers. Life is hard in NY and so are the people, plus the cost of leaving was very expensive. We decided after 8 months of living in NY that we has had enough. I had also gotten postpartum depression after my son’s birth in NY. I believe it was due to being alone all the time and the stress of having to take care of a new life all by myself. Our families where 4 hours away and they could only do so much for us. We loved having them closer than we did in Texas, but NY was no longer our home.

We moved back to Texas and I thought it would be our last stop for a while. Texas was good to me this time around. I have made wonderful friends and Texas is where I started my blog about DIY and crafts.
Now one year and one month to date its that time again to go on another adventure. We are now moving to San Diego,California! Its a new chapter in our lives and I hope with it, new inspiration for my crafts.
I hope you enjoyed taking this little journey with me, see you in San Diego!


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