Recap from my last weekend

I was so excited last weekend because it was a blue full moon! Next one won’t be until two years from now, so I had to go outside and take a few pictures.  At first glance the moon did not seem blue moon  but when I took pictures you where able to see the beautiful blue moon. 
I also took advantage of the wonderful weather and took some pictures of my son. I could never take enough pictures of him. He saw me taking pictures of him and decided to rush me every time the camera was pointed at him but I still got some very good pictures.
While he was running towards me he was roaring, haha. He does think he is a little monster. 
He also loves his star wars just like mommy! I love my little man. 
I hope you all stop by on Monday for my first tutorial for Halloween! Can you guess what it is?
Till Next time!

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