Weekend Recap and Day 8 Tag

This weekend I tried to do chocolate cups! I found this cute little pinterest recipe, however it did not go as smooth as I wanted. I had the chocolate cups in the fridge and decided to pop the balloon right away instead of waiting for the cups to sit at room temperature for a while. Of course the balloon did not come slip off chocolate cups. However, a new problem came to light the apt was super warm and the cups started melting, so everyone had to eat them very fast, hehe. Next time should be better I hope!

                                       Source: via Loren on Pinterest

My little monster was super cute this weekend and I just love seeing him happy and so silly! His mima made him a little elf hat that he loves to wear right before he goes to sleep. 

                                            I also worked on my Day 8 Halloween tag!!!

                                                                Happy Haunting’s

15 thoughts on “Weekend Recap and Day 8 Tag

  1. Steph

    Those chocolate cups look so yummy! Your little boy is adorable in his elf hat.
    That tag is beautiful, I love all the different elements you incorporate.

  2. Celeste

    Your little boy is adorable! Love that hat he has on! I really love your tag, awesome work on it. The chocolate cups look yummy too. You have been busy!


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