Christmas Ornaments Tutorials!

Every year I go out and purchase one or two new ornaments but this year I wanted to make a few with my little monster so I set forth for inspiration on pinterest. Do you want to see what I found?

                                                                                   Source: inmyownstyle.com via Diana on Pinterest
I so wished I would have remembered to save all my keys but then again its never too late to start now. 
Of course one of my past ornaments is a paper flower ornament. You can see the tutorial over here
I found this cute honeycomb ornament tutorial over at Amazing Paper Grace. I might just give this a try. 
How about these lovelies for about a dollar each made from materials from your local michael’s, joann’s and walmart! I just love the little red robin. 
You can make this lovely star by just creasing it. You can even use it for tags on your gift this holiday season. 
Ornaments are just a fun away to make your tree all about your family. I find that ornaments tell the story of your family through the years.  I can’t wait to make new memories this year with my little monster. 
Happy Holiday’s

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