Framed Calendar DIY

I don’t know about you but my mommy brain is not what it use to be. Its hard to keep up with all the post I have to do or the activities I have planned. I came up with a great solution, a framed calendar which would look nice anywhere in my home.
The first thing I did was go to the salvation army and got this gorgeous frame for only$7.50. 

Now that I had the frame I went out and got picture frames at Aaron’s brother and they had the black and white sale going on and I got four pairs of frames that look like Polaroid photographs. Each set came with 9 Polaroid frames.
I was able to use a washboard marker to write on the frames. The great thing is that I could always erase anything that I wrote on them.
I am using sticky note to attach on the white picture frames and replace them the next month which is fast approaching with Christmas DIY on the works. The framed calendar is stylish enough to be up anywhere in your home and you don’t have a plain all calender. You might also notice that I only have the five days of the week up and that is because I try to post five days. The weekends is all about family.  Now I can keep up with my blog post.
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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