Christmas Domes DIY

I’ve been waiting to do a Christmas domes DIY for a while and I just went for it this Christmas. I was inspired by Michael’s miniature towns they have every Christmas. They also made it very easy to me since they had them on sale! I grabbed a few and went home to brain storm. 
I got the domes at world market and the wooden base at Michael’s. 
The base were to plain for my taste. I adore dark woods so I went out and got a strainer that can be found at your local hardware store. 
I applied two coat of strainer to each wooden base and let it dry overnight. 
I purchase white felt and cut it to the dimension of the wooden base. I did this because I did not want the base to show threw the fake snow.
Then I grabbed the hot glue gun and glued red beads to one of the Christmas trees. I also hot glued all the miniature decorations to the felt so they would not move or fall over. 
I made a snowman out of air dry clay. Now its time to paint him!
I used distress markers to paint my little snowman. I really did not want to mess with all the acrylic paint and then the clean up afterwards. The Tim Holtz distress markers did the job great. I also glued on ribbon to make it look a little bit more realistic  The scene reminds me of central park in the winter. I really miss home during the holiday season. 
Now its time to add snow flurries to your scene. It can’t be Christmas with out a little of snow. 
I also did another scene which reminds me of upstate NY where my hubby is from. There you could see untouched snow for miles. 
Now its your turn to give it a try!!

Now they both have a lovely place on my dinning room table. I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season!!!

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