How to make Christmas Ribbon Bow napkin rings and a tag

The holiday season is upon us and I have began to do my holiday crafting with a Christmas ribbon bow napkin rings. I am having my in-laws over this Christmas and I am trying to set up my table for Christmas dinner. I found that one of the things missing from my table is Christmas napkin rings. I got the perfect inspiration while shopping at target. In their Christmas section they had a cute little bow napkin rings and I though that would be so cute with some color. 
So here is what I came up with!
Materials for the yarn napkin rings:
Used toilet roll (if its anything like my home they are never replace and should be easy to find)
Red yarn
Hot glue gun
You will be able to get about four napkin rings out of each toilet paper roll for more you could always use paper towel roll.
Just take the yarn and start wrapping it around the cut toilet roll.
Once you have wrapped it all around glue the end with your hot glue gun.
Now to being the ribbon bow, you will need ribbon 2 1/2 inches. I usually purchase my ribbon from Michael’s every year and I decided to use ribbon I had purchased previous years that I had use around my tree. 
You will need to cut the ribbon into four different measurements. 
 Each ribbon will need to be folded in half. 
You will need to take the top of the ribbon and fold it toward the center of the ribbon to make a little triangle. 
Follow previous step for the bottom part of ribbon so you end up with two triangle at each end. 
Staple the center of the ribbon. I used one staple but you can use as many as you think will be needed. The last piece which is 4 inches, you will need to just staple each end to each other to make a circle.
Once all of the ribbon has been folded and stapled you will need to hot glue each piece to each other. Starting with the 10 inches. 
 Once you have glued the last ribbon now you can glued it to the yarn napkin rings.
You are now done and you can even use the ribbon bow to place on your Christmas presents.
Oh lets not forget the Creepmas Tag!!

Happy Holiday’s

12 thoughts on “How to make Christmas Ribbon Bow napkin rings and a tag

  1. DonnaMundinger

    Fooled me on this blog post too, Loren. Glad you mentioned about scrolling down on S&S. Lovely napkin rings and your tag is really cool. Love the bricked background and fab distressing. xxD

  2. Steph

    Wow, this is so neat. Thanks for the instructions too. You tag is just wonderful, I love all the rips and distressed look. Very creepy 🙂

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