Anthropologie has Steampunk Lamp?!

I was browsing  Anthropologie.com seeing all the goodies I can’t have and then I found a couple of beauties! I could not believe that Anthropologie actually carry industrial/Steampunk lamps. They are kind of pricey, well very pricey but beautiful non the less. I wish I could own every single lamp. 
The curves of this lamp are fantastic. I just love the industrial/steampunk kind of look the lamp gives off. 
I love this piece because of the giant magnifying glass and can you honestly tell me its not sexy?
The beautiful piece above is my favorite one because it looks like a flower in the inside but its the metal work that makes it look that way. 
This one up here looks almost like a floor lamp with a magnifying glass attached to it. I just love the presence it give out. It speaks to me “I am all powerful.”
So when you have time stop by your favorite website and take a look and see what new things you can find. 
Everything in this post is 100% my opinion and not paid advertising for Anthropologie. I just like cute things. 

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