Book Folding Art Tutorial

Book folding is a wonderfulway to use/recycle old books instead of throwing them out. I hate to throw out books and decided it would be more fun to have them as decor in my home. Today I have a good treat for you with a brand new tutorial. All it takes is an old book and time. I usually do my book folding while watching TV. It feels like I am actually getting something accomplished while watching TV instead of being a couch potato. So grab a paper back book and rip the covers off and put your favorite show on TV its time to get started.
Its super simple just cut all the pages in half.
Then fold them toward the center of the cut. You will end up with two triangles.
You are done. Super simple and easy. It something you can even do with your kids. 
Here are a couple more of my tutorial I have done in the past, just in case you need more inspiration!
Till next time stay crafty!

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