Cupid Felt Valentine Snow Globe DIY

Valentine is full of hearts and cupid spreading love around the world and I have decided to share a special craft with you all! 
Just in time for Valentine’s I made cupid felt snow globe. I been in love with snow globe this year and I just can’t get enough of them and I decided to make my own. Its a super easy craft to do with you kids for the holidays.

There are just a couple of things you will need.

Glue Gun
Red Felt
White Felt
Fake snow

I glued the foam to the bottom of the lid and took off label from the jar. We eat a lot of pickles in our home so I always have plenty of jars at home. I have a whole collection under my sink. My hubby just shakes his head when he started noticing my collection. If you don’t have pickle jar handy you can use mason jar. Just make sure you measure the opening of the jar to make sure the foam fits nice and snugged. 

I cut out the felt with my Big shot and used the Tim Holtz cupid and heart dies

I glued the hearts, cupid and wire together with hot glue. I also glued the wires to the foam.  I wanted to make sure when I move the jar around the hearts and cupid won’t fly around.
You will need to add a small amount of fake snow to the jar. You just want enough to cover the bottom of the foam.
Ta- Da!!!!
Now you have you very own Cupid Valentine snow globe. 
I also have a very special treat for you today. I have two wonderful bloggers showing off their Valentine crafts!
We have Barbara from Chase the start first up with her cute banner!!! 
We also have Dinah from DIY Inspired with a free Valentine Printable!
Till next time stay crafty!

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