Dinah from DIY Inspired Guest posting for Recycled Craft Jars.

   Joining me today is Dinah from DIY Inspired with a wonderful tutorial for Recycled Craft Jars.   When I saw these I was like why did I did not think of this!!! She has a fast and easy tutorial that    she is sharing with us. 
Recycled Craft Jars (9)

By Dinah

OK, I’m not going to lie.  Sometimes I purchase things because of the packaging.  If I know I can reuse things, I feel like I get my money’s worth.  That’s what initially attracted me to Sir Kensington’s Gourmet Scooping Ketchup.  OK, the packaging was a bonus but I also liked that the ketchup is an all-natural healthy alternative to the average commodity ketchup… much better for my little Mia!  It has half the sugar and half the sodium of regular ketchup!  So, after I used up my jars (BTW, I used it in my turkey and vegetable meatloaf…. And it was amazing), I decided to turn them into Recycled Craft Jars for my new craft room (that post coming soon).

Recycled Craft Jars (2)

Here is what you’ll need:

First, I cleaned out my jars (a regular and mini… so cute and perfect for glamping).

Recycled Craft Jars (3)
Next, I cut out an old book page to fit around the existing label; two inches wide for the regular jar and one inch wide for the mini jar.
Recycled Craft Jars (4)
I also covered the regular sized jar with some decorative ribbon.
Recycled Craft Jars (6)
Using a circle craft punch, I cut out a circle for the lid and attached it with double sided tape.  I didn’t cover the mini jar because the knob I chose has a base that covers the label perfectly.

Recycled Craft Jars (5)

After the top is covered, drill a hole in the center of the lid.
Recycled Craft Jars (7)
Insert your drawer knob.
Recycled Craft Jars (8)
Ta Dah!  Super adorable recycled craft jars or anything jars!  I used mine for beads and straight pins. I have made these before with Mason Jars and they make the perfect candy jar and gift.
Recycled Craft Jars (1)

Thank you so much for Dinah fantastic tutorial and I hope you all enjoyed it.  You can stop by her blog here and show her so love. 

Till next time,

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