Easy way to save money

One of my goals for 2013 is to save money so we can go on Vacation. However, its difficult to save money when life might throw unexpected thing at you.  So I found a easy way to save money.  I found this cute idea on Facebook.  Its a chart breaking down each week and how much you should save.
I am going try to do the Chart backwards because after the holidays I am always broke. So for the first month I will start with a $1 then jump down to 52 in February. 
I am thinking that I might have to start a different fund for crafting too! What do you think? It will have to be in a much smaller scale.  I think this challenge seems easier to keep up with than any other I have seen online. Especially since in this economy saving is such a hard thing to do. 
I am wondering any of you brave enough to join me? hehe. Wish me luck!
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