Goals for 2013

I know most of the time you think about your goals on New Year’s eve but I do my thinking on New Year. I like to reflect on what I have done and what I would like to improve in myself. I am in a new city and a new year has come to explore the wonders of San Diego. 
1. Go whale watching- I love whales and I would do anything to see one in person and no sea world does not count. hehe. 
2. Save money- I really want to do a lot of activities and travel this year and saving is key.
3. Go see a new place out of San Diego- I want to take a family trip to see more than what’s in my backyard. I would love to see the Redwoods!
4. Run a couple of miles a week – Feeling better about myself is key for me this year. I have a little monster who is full of energy and I need to keep up with him.
5. Learn Photoshop- I would like to improve my photo editing.
6. Watch less TV and do a little more walking – TV just kills all creativity and is something I want to do less. I need to go out and enjoy the outdoors.
7. Improve my blogging- Blogging has become a big part of my life and I want to improve and learn everything I can.
8. Think positive of others- At time I just jump to conclusions instead of taking a step back and giving the person the benefit of the doubt. 
9. Network More – I want to meet more people, just like you!
10. Try to get DIY publish in a magazine- I would love to have one of my craft publish by a magazine.
Tell me what are yours?
Till Next time!

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