Guest Post from Design it Girl with How to spray paint a night stand sea foam green.

Today we have Nicole from Design it Girl with a beautiful night stand  that she has painted sea foam green. Come and stay a while. 
I purchased this Vintage Night Stand at the Salvation Army, it’s in great condition and needed some TLC. The original hardware is awesome, original brass and in great shape. I wasn’t sure about the color and was torn between Blue & Green, finally i decided on Sea Foam Green and thought “this was a great choice”. Using Rust-Oleum Spray paint primer (two coats) and then a few coats of Rust-Oleums Sea Foam Green, sprayed on evenly. sanding in between coats works best for a smoother end result. Here is the before:  

Sad looking, it was talking to me and saying “take me home”…
Vintage Night Stand
by: Mersman Furniture

Painters tape (blue tape) works great, easy to use for taping 
furniture. especially. Removing the tape is easy, it doesn’t stick.

I love painting and spray painting furniture! 
I have a paint sprayer too. i was a little
frustrated with the wind blowing and spray painting
became a challenge. 

What do you think of the color?
Loving the way it looks, it still has a modern look,
This color is not a bright shade and gives it a more modern

Sea Foam Green, love this name brand works great for me.
The new nozzle makes it even easier to
spray. I also use this to keep my fingers from cramping and from painting my fingers which happens a lot.

Works great, and keeps the fingers from cramping…

I really like using sanding blocks, no more scrapping my finger tips.
Sanding blocks makes my job a whole lot easier, especially
sanding between coats, it covers a larger area without stripping
the paint.

I love how shes turning out, one more coat and ready 
for my etsy shop. If you are interested send me an email.
Sea Foam Green

How about the clover design? cute.

A light sanding and one more coat.

DIY cleaning your Brass (the real thing) Brasso works great! 
it takes about 20-30 minutes to remove the old tarnish.
I used an old toothbrush to get in the crevices. 
Note: this stuff really smells, make sure to use
protective gloves, a mask and protective eye wear 
when brushing.

Brass handles, Faux Bamboo in vintage 
condition which I love!


Here is the before and after…I really enjoyed this project, not only was it simple but, I love when a plan comes together. The after is truly gorgeous.

Here she is, what do you think?



Sea Foam Green


Originally I was thinking of painting her Cobalt Blue
I am happy I chose Sea Foam Green! 

Thank you for stopping
if you would like to purchase this item
please email me.
You can also find me over at

xoxo –Nicole


Stay Crafty Everyone!


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