How to cover Cabinet doors with fabric and Mod Podge!

I have I told you that I just have apartment at times? Well I do, they are either very generic or have the worst cabinet ever! Our apartment has really out of date cabinets in the kitchen and please don’t get me started on how small the kitchen is in our apartment. We can only have one person at the time in it. Usually everyone want to be in the kitchen with me when I am trying to cook. At times I wish I had open shelving like in their site. I love the industrial look in the kitchen. 
However, I have to work with what I have. As you can imagine I spend a couple of hours in the kitchen cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner and I got very tired at looking at my falling apart old looking cabinets. 
Now the question is how can I cover the cabinets with out doing any damage to them because I really would like to keep my deposit. 
The answer was very simple modge podge! When I used mod podge it wont damage the cabinet with nails or staples. So I just needed a bold fabric to make a statement.
All you will need are;
Mod podge
Trim (optional)
Hot glue (optional)

All I did was cute the fabric to the dimension of each cabinet and applied the mod podge to the door and fabric to each cabinet. The entire project took less than 30 minutes to complete.

Now the inside of the cabinet has the raw edges of the fabric and might not look every nice when you open the cabinet doors so adding a trim to the fabric with hot glue is ideal. The reason for adding it to on top of the fabric is to not damage the cabinet door when you need to remove the fabric. 
Ta- Da!!
You have now nicely cover cabinet doors with little damage to them. You can replace the fabric easily and even use scotch guard so they don’t get to messy with time. 
What do you thing of my new cabinets? Now I am a little happier cooking in my little kitchen.
See you soon!

11 thoughts on “How to cover Cabinet doors with fabric and Mod Podge!

  1. ngnrdgrl

    This is pretty awesome looking. Do you have a sense for how easy they will be to remove? You will have to update us with how well they come off when you are moving out of the apartment.

  2. TheMominator

    I have an old bookshelf with doors on the lower half and I added fabric to the doors – however – I used plain old Elmers white glue – fabric comes off in 1 whole piece and if you need to keep it clean – and you do in a kitchen – you could coat the fabric with a clear finish before you add it to the doors. I kinda followed the procedure for making a floor cloth and then glued the fabric in place.

  3. The HOME GIRL

    This is a great idea! I might do this with my cabinets until we have our kitchen remodeled! I think it will make a big difference! Thanks so much for sharing this great tip!!! =D


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