Pottery Barn Knock off Swivel Chair tutorial with wrapping paper?

I am very excited to have Nicole from Design it Girl over and she as provided photos of her tutorial about a Pottery Barn knock off swivel chair. 

She was very excited to have in her possession a swivel desk chair and could not wait to get to work on it, to tell you the truth I would love to have one too.

The Chair was in very good condition and had no major damages she needed to worry about in fixing which is an A++ when working with chairs.

The thing I love about this swivel chair is the legs. I completely in love with it.

The first thing Nicole did with it was take it apart and get it prepared for sanding. The desk chair was easy enough to take apart. It just had to be dissembled from the bottom. 

Then of course the fun begins, the brushes and floor coverage comes out to play. 

Now that she was all set with her tools, she started to prime the chair. She felt this chair really need  a face lift.

Kilz Primer was used to prime the chair for painting. Its not pretty right now but once it dries, Nicole will start with the painting process. 
Nicole was inspired by a chair featured in the 
Pottery Barn website, She loves the Pottery Barn as much as I do but like she said “it
can get very expensive, quickly!”

 As you can see Nicole chair has a round back instead of squared back but that did not stop her. 

Nicole went out of her comfort zone and tried her hand with something new. 
What do you think she used to cover the seat with? 

Here is what she had to say about this creative idea about using wrapping paper. I would have never though she use wrapping paper.
“I fell in love with this patterned wrapping paper (gift wrap) from 
Target, and knew It would look great on my desk chair. I purchased the roll of wrapping paper (gift wrap) and couldn’t wait to try it. I used spray adhesive (easy to use), takes a few minutes to completely dry, allowing time to position the paper correctly.”

You will need to get a furniture sealer to make sure the paper will not get damaged with time as people sit on it. I can’t believe I have not seen this idea done more often! Its super cute and cheap.
Wrapping paper By: Spritz Gift Wrap

Then just put it all together and Ta-Da!
Now you have a Pottery Barn knock off swivel chair with a little twist to make it your own. 
If you love this tutorial because why would you not?! Go check out Design it Girl blog for more wonderful DIY tutorial and show her some love. 
I hope you enjoyed the before & after 
xoxo -Nicole & Loren 

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