Blogging interview with Crafty Chica!

Today we have the fantastic Kathy from Crafty Chica! She has a couple of book under her belt and has been crafting for over 11 years! He is  legend in her own right and you will never guess what she use to do before she started crafting!


1. What’s the reason you began blogging?
I’ve always kept journals and diaries to document the crazy happening sin my life. So when I heard about Blogger in 2002, I knew I wanted to join in the fun. I started in 2003. I blogged almost every night before I went to bed, mostly about family stories. I was writing for the newspaper then, so I would also share links to stories I had published. I didn’t even know how to post  a picture back then! Little did I know that my blogging would lead to a career in authoring books!

2. What’s your favorite DIY project you have done?
That’s a tough one, I have more than 3,000 tutorials on my blog! Here’s one! I have a very colorful art studio and love to share the projects I’ve made for it. Most recently, I decorated an old touctone phone decoden style!

3. What hidden talent do you have, in which you have not shared with your fellow readers? 
Hmmm…I used to be a concert promoter, I loved it and was really good at it! I ended up using those skills to promote my brand!

4. What are your blogging goals have you set for 2013?
To keep coming up with fresh content, new ideas, topics that will keep people coming back, sharing blogs of others. Basically spreading positivity through creativity!

5. It seems like it that time of the year where a lot of blogging conference are happening. Have you attended any and if so which one would you recommend?
I really enjoy the BlogHer conferences. I’m also attending Craftcation next month in Ventura, CA. It’s centered around DIY bloggers! And then I’m attending Hispanicize, which I’m really excited about! I love that there are conferences for every branch of what I’m about. 

6. What was the best blogging tip you ever received and would pass on?
I have several! To be genuine, not try to appear to be perfect. To always give credit where credit is due. Cite your sources, hot link, shine the spotlight on others, brand your photos, offer content of value!

7. Do you find it easy in reaching out to other bloggers?
Yes, I love it, we have such a positive community!

8. How do you believe you are able to determine yourself between a small blog,a medium blog, large blog and a super star?
Honestly, I never look or think in terms of labels like that. Although I do think of levels of experience, frequency, commitment, professionalism. 

9. Where do you see yourself and your blog in five years?
I hope to expand my books, I’m also an author. I write both creativity books and novels. I hope to keep building on my blog, never stopping, life is full of so many juicy topics to share!

10. Anything else you would like add? Please check out all my sites!

Thanks Loren! 

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