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Today we are joined by Barbara over from Chase the Star. She has wonderful insight about blogging and a wonderful blog you should all stop by. 

1. What’s the reason you began blogging?
 I began blogging a few months after moving into my house.  Because my budget was tight, I found myself constantly working on some sort of DIY project, and becoming more and more addicted to blogs as I sought direction!  At my husband’s suggestion, I started my own blog…now there’s no turning back!
2. What’s your favorite DIY project you have done? 
It’s hard to choose just one because it’s all a labor of love, but if I have to choose then I’ll go with my most popular post, the chevron file cabinet makeover.  I love the color combination!  

3. What hidden talent do you have, in which you have not shared with your fellow readers?
 I have a decent singing voice…also some may or may not know that I’m fully bilingual in Spanish (is that a talent?!)
4. What are your blogging goals have you set for 2013? 
In 2013 hope to grow my blog and broaden my audience.  I also hope to move towards a focus on home décor.  I am a crafter and still want to incorporate these into my blog; however, I’d like the emphasis to be more on DIY and home decor, which is my true passion.
5. It seems like it that time of the year where a lot of blogging conference are happening. Have you attended any and if so which one would you recommend?
 I haven’t attended any but I have plans to attend the SNAP Conference in April.  I can’t wait!
6. What was the best blogging tip you ever received and would pass on? 
The best blogging tip I’ve received was to become part of a community of bloggers, or a ‘blogging tribe’ where you join with like- minded bloggers and not only support each other, but help to promote each other.  It really helps that other members of my ‘tribe’, The Creative Headquarters, are a fantastic group of highly talented bloggers!  We have become great friends too, which is a big plus! Since teaming up with these ladies, my blog traffic has tripled!  
7. Do you find it easy in reaching out to other bloggers?
 I think Facebook and Google +, and local events like (such as the SoCal Social) have made it much easier to connect with other bloggers.  There are many groups to join on the social media circuit, and I have always found that bloggers will typically respond to emails and comments in a timely manner. 
8. How do you believe you are able to determine yourself between a small blog, a medium blog, large blog and a super star? 
Truthfully I have no idea where I lie in those categories.  Well I can say I am not ‘large’ and definitely not ‘super star’.  I suppose I can comfortably fit somewhere between ‘small’ and ‘medium’, and I can’t answer as to how I determine that!
9. Where do you see yourself and your blog in five years? 
I see myself connecting with my readers through more personal posts, allowing them to get to know the person behind the projects a little more.  I also hope to develop my brand and grow to where I can become a full-time blogger.
10. Anything else you would like add? 
Thank you Loren for interviewing me.  I hope you were able to get a little more insight on “Chase the Star”, and I appreciate you taking the time to put this together!
Thank you to Barbara for participating in 14 days of Blogger Love

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