Interview with Sarah from Becoming Martha

Today we have Sarah from Becoming Martha and I am very excited to share what she had to say in our interview in 14 days of blogger love. 

1. What’s the reason you began blogging?
I was in love with the craft blogs that I was visiting, and I wanted to share my own creativity with the world as well. 

2. What’s your favorite DIY project you have done? 
I think my personal favorite project that I have every done was upcycling gift bags into notebooks.  My kids went absolutely nuts over them, and they are so used to having a crafty mom that not much fazes them anymore.  These blew their minds, and I was so happy I could surprise them with a cute, yet simple, gift.
3. What hidden talent do you have, in which you have not shared with your fellow readers? 
I have an Etsy store that I don’t promote a whole lot on my blog.  I do custom and premade blog designs as well as custom party printables.   I taught myself a bit of graphic design when I was planning my wedding in 2009, and I have loved it ever since.  I would love to learn more.

4. What are your blogging goals have you set for 2013?
To stick to a regular schedule and use my time more wisely… which means less pinterest, more projects! 

5. It seems like it that time of the year where a lot of blogging conference are happening. Have you attended any and if so which one would you recommend?
I have never attended any, but I do have a ticket for SNAP! 2013 in April.  I am super excited, and can’t wait to meet everyone. 

6. What was the best blogging tip you ever received and would pass on?
That you need to have good photos.  Mine still aren’t amazing, but they are getting better, and I pay a lot more attention to them now.  We live in a world where Pinterest generates most of our traffic, and we need to appeal to that visual audience.  Also, take advantage of your blogs space and make your pictures as big as you can.  Nothing’s worse than squinting at a photo that is half of your blogs width.  Bigger is better folks. 

7. Do you find it easy in reaching out to other bloggers?
I struggled with this at first, and still do, but last year, I reached out to three other bloggers and we became a tight knit group of friends.  They have been such an encouragement and blessing to me that I now feel much more comfortable stepping outside of my zone. 

8. How do you believe you are able to determine yourself between a small blog,a medium blog, large blog and a super star?

9. Where do you see yourself and your blog in five years?
I would love to be helping other bloggers develop their skills, and maybe doing more graphic design.  I would also love to grow my blog to the point where i have contributing writers to take a little of the pressure off myself. 

10. Anything else you would like add? 
I love this blogging community –  and that’s what it is, a community.  Just like any other community, you will find people who want to tear you down, but you will also find twice as many people who want to build you up.  If you are starting out, find a couple of other bloggers like you and form a support network.   I blogged on my own for a year, and once I partnered up with  my tribe, I grew to over 10x my size in 6 months.  You can do it alone, it is possible, but it’s so much easier not to.

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