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If you did not know, I have a wonderful little boy who I hope one day gets to enjoy playing with Legos as much as I did and at times still do. I really want an excuse to play with Legos again but my little one is still a little young for them. He enjoys throwing them at the walls or taking them apart more than building anything. However, that has not stopped our family from buying them Legos for his last birthday or Christmas. Now I have a small problem, where do I put all this Legos when they are not being thrown at the walls? 

May a have some on you daily mug would help?
I went in search of creative ideas to store Legos here is what I found.

Wall hanging containers.

Lego dresser!

Cabinet Storage is perfect and not only for Legos,

I can always build an island with all the Legos! My kitchen Island might be a smaller  because we don’t have this many Legos.
                                           Source: recyclart.org via Lauriane on Pinterest

I think making a wall of Legos is genius. 

I can also get actual containers that look like Legos! Maybe a Lego theme room is in the near future. 


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