Recycle Egg Poacher to Hanging Planter

I do have the wonderful Nicole over from Design it Girl Blog guest posting her wonderful recycled craft!

I was so excited when I thought of this ideas, Recycling an Egg Poacher into a hanging plant, that I purchased at Goodwill for $1.75.  It was well worth it, I must say it turned out better than I thought. I am loving the idea and design concept of an indoor garden, I am obsessed with plants now and the whole design hysteria behind it!. “Keeping It Green” is my motto. We started an indoor garden a few months ago, still {waiting for our small crops to grow}. Planting a few Avocado Pits, Basil, Tomato’s, Dill, and Parsley, was so much fun to plant, sprouting little by little is fun to watch them grow. Here is my design inspiration for my egg poacher, turned Modern Hanging Plant Design:

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My design, egg poacher gets upcycled.

I finally used my daughters camera and love the 
way my photos turned out. 
I have an old camera and sadly to say, 
I got so used to my iPhone.
What do you think?

Hanging Plant by: Micheal McDowell

The Inspired Piece
I have to say I love the hanging plant concept, 
but the upside down design gives me the creeps. 
So, I went ahead and turned it the right way 
{or should I say, my way}.

Here is how it all came together:

The Egg Poacher! 

The inside. I love eggs just can’t eat them all the time
(i’m aging)…

Drilling holes, using my RYOBI DRILL

Cutting the chain to a specific length for hanging.
I purchased a 20′ chain at Walmart, came in a pack and
very inexpensive.


Thank you for stopping by…

xoxo –Nicole
I hope you enjoyed it!

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