Vintage Wooden Bench DIY

Nicole is back with another guest post on her Vintage wooden bench painted awning green!
Vintage Bench with Danish Modern Legs; shes just about done, I have been working all evening finishing her up. I always wanted to try the “dipped leg” technique. So Modern and Vintage Chic all in one. I decided to paint the Hardware the same color Green, I sanded down the legs and painted half the legs Green too. I think it turned out cool, the next step is painting on a clear coat of polyurethane. Here is her look so far…
      Almost there:

I use this lovely awning green to paint the table and legs.

             The table was not in good shape when I got it but all that is about to change.        

A little sanding makes and  ugly table into a new beauty.

Here is how the table legs look like before sanding. They are not so pretty right now but they will be soon.

Since I want to color only half of the legs, I used painters tape to cover the section I did not want to be dipped in paint.

The wood legs now look like the one’s you can get at home depot.

After the sanding is said and done I dipped the legs in the paint and covered half with painters tape. 

       “Awning Green”, I love this color and the way the bench turned out. A simple project, but sometimes these take just as long as any other project, why? not sure, but here is her REVEAL. 

Let me know what you think?
I really enjoyed the “dipped leg” technique 

Stay tuned more projects, in progress.
Many more 🙂

xoxo –Nicole


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