DIY Tutorials on Diffenrent Ways to Stencil Furniture

I am always looking for different way to stencil furniture especially on those days when my budget is very small. So I went on the hunt for DIY tutorial on how to stencil furniture from home made stencil to purchase stencils. You can get many different effect that can come out fantastic. 

 On my journey I found the most unique way to stencil wood. 
Can you say wood glue?

The Ambitious Procrastinator  made her stencil and then instead of using paint she use wood glue to keep the original color of the wood and then stained the rest of the wood. I love this technique.
How about using freezer paper to make your stencil? You can use it in your printer or  your Silhouette camoe.
I am momma Hear Me Roar as a simple tutorial on how to do it.
I love The 36th Avenue tutorial on how to make a vinyl stencil and the proper technique on how to apply paint to the stencil. I did not know up to now that I was doing it wrong all this time. I love her table and would like to do something similar soon on my table.

You can also use decals on your furniture to get the perfect stencil. Over at Musing is just what she did to cover her dresser with a ship decal and painted it over it. Then once the paint is dry just remove the decal. How easy is that?
I believe that most of us use purchased stencils from the store and you can make the most beautiful design on your furniture. At Royal Design Studio she used a stencil she purchase to make a Moroccan style dresser with chalk paint.
Are you going to give stencils a try? Which one would you try?
Stay Crafty


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