Iron Man fan must have!

In honor of the new release of Iron Man 3 I went in search for the best must have for any geek out there. As you can imagine I am super excited about the new release of Iron Man 3 this weekend, usually by the third movie of the franchise they have killed the story line however, with Iron Man 3 it looks better than the first one. I mean come on who does not like fights, explosions and romance. 

Do you want to see what I found?

I found someone who actually made their own Iron Man arm as a lamp! I think this is genius, I so want one. 

How about making your very own Xbox 360 Iron Man case?! I am so impress by the creativity on this case.

Making this Iron Man stain helmet glass lamp takes talent which came out so amazing! I would so love to have on of these in my home.
Now something I can really afford is this Iron Man USB which would look so good hanging off my laptop. 
My favorite is the Iron Man silicon ice tray. I can see many craft that I could do with one of these. You can use it for ice, candy or as clay mold.
What’s your favorite?
Stay Geeky,


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