Geek Wedding Picture Ideas

Geek wedding pictures ideas to inspire every geek!  These couples creativity is fantastic. Looking back at my wedding planning I so wish that I would have though of going all geeky. As time passes traditional wedding pictures don’t tell truly tell about the people who are getting married. However, when geeks wed they want their passion to be expressed! If I could do it all over again I would have maybe had a mad hatter event.


Would you be Batgirl and Nightwing at your wedding? The couple used the Batgirl and Nightwing colors for their wedding and had accessories of the superheroes


Here we have Game of Throne geek wedding theme however, the very famous couple go into a bit of trouble for it.

Won’t we all like to find a superman under our lovers shirt! 

I don’t believe anyone said that the men had all the fun, these bridesmaid and bride to matters into their own hands.

How about cropping a T-Rex into your wedding pictures? I believe your kids will want an explanation of this strange occurrence. They might actually think you where alive during the time of the dinosaurs.
Or maybe AT-AT just happened to show up at your wedding.
I do believe that cutting a cake should never be an ordinary and that is way you should use a Gear of War lancer.
No you are not seeing pixels its just minecraft!
Maybe you are not as geeky as these couple but you do love your movies try locating and awesome location and go crazy. Just like these movie lovers. 
I did save the best for last! How about fending off Zombies?!
What will you do for your wedding pictures?
Happy Crafting.


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