Tips for Creating a Modern and Sleek Kitchen

Tips for Creating a Modern and Sleek Kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home; a place to refuel, relax and socialize. It’s no wonder then that homeowners are willing to spend thousands of pounds on their kitchen interior. If modern and sleek kitchen is the object of your design affection, here are a few simple tips on how to achieve the look of class and simplicity:

Clean lines

Modern kitchen interiors focus on clean, crisp lines with vast granite or quartz worktops and minimalist cupboard units. Ornate details are out – finishing touches like drawer handles and sink fittings are contemporary and uncomplicated, usually finished in Chrome or brushed steel. Plenty of storage space is essential to a modern kitchen design, so clutter can be kept to a minimum. If you want the ultimate in sleek kitchen units, choose handle-less cupboards.

Fresh colors

White kitchens have increased in popularity over recent years, but fresh, bright colors are an ongoing favorite – often contrasted with black kitchen worktops. Pick a kitchen design that offers plenty of contrast between wall color, unit color and flooring, to create the illusion of space.

Modern tiling

The use of tiling will not only provide a practical splash back, but can add a sleek and modern decorative feature. Glass tiles are a modern choice, whilst traditional square mosaic tiles can complement any kitchen interior. If you want to add a pop of color, make your tiling a focal point by picking a bright shade.

Integrated appliances

The integration of kitchen appliances is one of the most costly yet important features of any sleek and modern kitchen. Integrated appliances are those that are hidden behind kitchen unit doors or built sleekly into your worktops. Common kitchen appliances such as your fridge-freezer and ovens can all be fitted, whilst those who want the latest in high tech gadgets can opt for in-built coffee systems and warming drawers.

Strategic layout

The placing of the three most important kitchen features is vital to the workings of a sleek kitchen. Consider the ‘work triangle’ in your design, which places the fridge, sink and cooker at three equal points. If you have the luxury of a large kitchen, consider kitchen work zones to ease the way you use your kitchen space – areas for storage, food preparation, drinks and casual dining can all be beneficial.

Modern lighting

Lighting should not be an afterthought. Ill-considered kitchen lighting can be frustrating and even dangerous. Make sure that you have plenty of light for food preparation and the option of dimmed lighting for atmospheric dining. Natural lighting is another highlight of modern kitchen, use minimal blinds and reflective surfaces to make the most of this.
There’s a lot to consider when creating a sleek and modern kitchen interior. If you aren’t sure how to go about fitting a sophisticated contemporary design yourself, browse the ready-made designs of professional kitchen fitters.
James Rooney is a home and garden blogger with a particular interest in great kitchen design. He has a love of high-tech ovens and any kitchen tech that makes cooking more enjoyable.

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