Book Page Folding Round Up!

Its Wednesday book folding day and I have a round up of all my book folding origami tutorials I have done in the past.  Now you can find them all in one place. Book folding is a wonderful creative way to display old book and keep your finger busy while watching t.v. You can even teach your kids to do one too!

First off we have the spiral book folding tutorial. The great thing about this tutorial is that just repeats it self over and over.

 Click Here for Tutorial

The very first book page folding tutorial was this lovely in the center of the my picture. It can be use for display or you can hold mail with it.

Click Here

Here we have the center point book page folding tutorial for your viewing.

I should really come up with more creative names for this book folds right? I call this one the spiky book fold.

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The following book folding did not come out perfect like I wanted. I guess this is what happens when I don’t cut in a straight line! hehe
Sorry about some of the pictures but they where taken a little while ago before my fabulous camera I have now. 
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That concludes our round of of book folding tutorials! I hope you had fun. Tell me which one will you be trying?
Stay Crafty.

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