Yarn and Burlap Bow Nautical Wreath DIY

I think most of us have noticed that nautical is the theme for this summer decor for any home. Since being in California I got in the mood to decorate my home in a nautical theme and decided to started with a yarn and burlap bow nautical wreath.
If you live close to the beach you can find half of this items at the beach for free. My family and I have gone seashell hunting a couple of times and have found unique shells and rocks. However, if you don’t have a beach near by then Michael’s will have everything you need to make your nautical wreath come to life.

I first wrapped a foam wreath with white and blue yarn. I did not have enough shells to place on my wreath so I got some starfish and shells at Michael’s.

I then went head on and hot glued all the seashells and starfish to the yarn.

I also made a burlap bow from my scrap pile and a paper boat with a color swatch from Home Depot. I got a stick from outside and scrap fabric and make a cute sail for my swatch boat. I also hot glued the boat and the bow to the yarn.

Super easy nautical wreath ready for the summer fun!
Stay Crafty.

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