12 Geeky Wedding Invitations

 Geeky wedding are starting to be very popular. I’ve noticed that been geeky is no longer seen as uncool or shameful. More people want to share their passion with the world and they are not afraid of it.  Over a month ago I did a post on geek weddings pictures ideas and it was popular and I though hey, lets find some great inspiration for geek wedding invitations. I was able to find my top 12 geeky invitations.

One of my favorite is the Star War wedding invitations. I was so impress with the amount of detail they put on making these awesome invitations & a video. You can find their story at The Circle is Now Complete.

I also found a WOW (War of Warcraft) set on invitation that you can order online for your wedding! They look so classy and are made by Sealed with Appeal.

If geeky is too much for you, then try something nerdy. How about a floppy disc! I remember using these in high school they were horrible. 
(The lane)

What do you think of a film canister geek wedding invitation?
Trevor and Larrissa had that idea and I think is very unique idea.

You can’t go wrong with a comic book wedding invitation. My hubby did a similar one for when he proposed to me. I found this cute idea over at Reddit forum. If you want to see my proposal comic book come and take a look here.

How about making Star Wars carbonite of yourselves! Its very expensive but you can’t say no. 
You can make one over at Paul Paper Designs.
Now if Minecraft is more your cup of tea then this couple have themselves in the mist of battle per say.  You can find more about their story over at Kotaku.

 If more a classic theme  is more your style then try Super Mario wedding invitation that has a classic cartridge video game. You can open it up to see the invitation. Larry Quach did this geeky invitation for the wonderful couple.

 A simple Super Mario card geeky invitation will work too! Click here to see site Duitang for more info.

Of course you can’t leave Superman out of the mix. Etsy has great ideas and geek invitation for sale for your geeky needs. 

Another Etsy find for a classic wedding invitation is by Created by melangerienyc.

Last put not least is a Doctor Who invitation also found on Etsy. You are able to find such wonderful thing on Etsy. Created By BohoBearPaperStudio.

Hope you all enjoyed all the geeky inspiration.

Stay Crafty,

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