Energy Delights of LED Lighting

The majority of people will always buy traditional lighting as it’s what they know to be safe and

trying something new makes them uncomfortable; but there are so many benefits to choosing LED

lighting over traditional lighting. When we think of saving money and cutting costs we tend to leave

lights on for shorter periods of time, reduce the amount of heat within our houses and try to use

only as much electricity as we really need; but when do we take into account the type of lighting

that we are using and whether or not it’s cost effective?


Why Choose LEDs?


LED lighting is much cost effective and energy efficient when compared with contemporary and

traditional lighting; an LED bulb will use approximately 80%-90% of the electricity that it is provided

with and transform it into light energy. This high efficiency means that only 20% or less of the

electricity is being used to create heat and kinetic energy, due to this efficiency LED bulbs cost a lot

less to light a room that traditional bulbs.


Due to the efficiency of the LED they produce a great deal more light that that of the traditional light

bulb; this means that they can light a room effectively even in the earliest hours of the morning. The

more energy that is being used to light the room rather than heat it also makes LED lights much safer

than traditional bulbs as don’t heat up to the same degree that traditional bulbs do.


Led lights can endure up to 11 years of constant use without breaking, and LEDS do not break in the

same manner as other light bulbs. Traditional light bulbs will simply blink out when they have met

their end, LED lights will gradually dim over a period of years until the filament can no longer create

light energy. Due to this, LED lights are considered better as you experience a period of warning

whereas with a traditional bulb there is no warning at all; you could be without light in an instant.

Where Are LEDs Used?


Led lights are suitable for a number of different areas within the household, and outside of the

household. As evening approaches the garden can become an eerie place; in this respect an LED

placed over the veranda or outdoor porch can make sitting outdoors at dusk much more relaxing

and even pleasant.

LED lights are also used within most outdoor lighting features, such as solar lights and water

features; so LEDs are suitable to light the path from your garden to your house so that you may cross

your garden in the dark without incident.


There are many different places within the interior of your house where Led lights can be used,

kitchens and bathrooms are ideal host for LED lights as it makes these often cramped areas feel

spacious and relaxing, as a lot of light gives the impression of a larger space.

LED lights can also be used to comfort children that still require a light, they can be used in the form

of fairy lights and wrapped around a bed frame, taped to a ceiling or placed around a door frame;

these are all methods of making subtle changes within your household whilst integrating the use of


Author: Simon Calvin is part of the team at UK Christmas World where he spends the majority of his

time playing with all sorts of different LED lights and Christmas accessories.

Thank you for Simon for stopping by and giving us an insight into LED’s
Stay Crafty everyone,
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