How to make Chalk Paint and use on a Picture Frame

I was looking forward to work with chalk paint since I’ve been wanting to put an antique feel to some of my picture frames. However, when I started looking for prices for chalk paint it was way out of my budget. I could not believe how much it actually cost to even own a small amount. So the search for an alternative way to make chalk paint began. I found a lot of tutorial on how to make chalk paint for the fraction of the price and look how my frame looks!

I picked the easiest and here is what I got!

You first start with plaster of paris which you can find at your local hardware store. I added one table spoon of water at a time to make the plaster smooth and with out becoming grainy. It took about five tablespoons in total. I use a container that was about 2 inches deep and I used placed 1 inch or plaster in it.

Next I added an entire sample of paint which happens to the be equal part of the amount of plaster of paris I used. 

You want to make sure you mix it very well and having a clear container is best because it helps you make sure you get all the plaster and paint mixed well.

I purchased this frame last Christmas and I wanted to change the color because it does not go with anything in my home and I still love the style of it. So here I go!
I also got a couple of white picture frames from Ikea and did the same technique. 
Now for the Ikea frame transformation.

 Are you ready for it!

  After the chalk paint has dried I went over it with sand paper on the edges to add that antique look. 
Super easy and fast to do! Have you chalk paint something lately?
Happy crafting!


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