Star Wars Millenium Falcon Necklace DIY

I have another Star Wars Jewelry tutorial! I decided this time around I would do a Star Wars necklace pendant.  Using is super easy and you can make it in just a couple of hours. I usually use my mold for ice but they can be use for anything from hard chocolate to jewelry.
 Who said that jewelry making had to be difficult! You are just going to need a couple of things.

Star Wars Mold
Sculpey in white
Acrylic paints
 Acrylic sealer

Slowly press the sculpey into the mold. I cut my mold in half so I can still use the other half to make ice. hehe. Make sure to keep the sculpey even as possible in the mold and press gently.

Take a thick needle and make a hole toward the bottom of the Star Wars ship to be able to place the ring through the pendant. The mold can now go in the oven because it oven safe! Follow the instruction of the sculpey to know how much time to leave in the oven.

Now you have a white Star Wars ship pendant. Using white sculpey helps the detail come out more and is lighter than regular sculpey.

I love how it came out. Its now time for the fun part, time to color!!

 I combine both acrylic paint to make a lighter metallic gray to the Millenium Falcon pendant.

After its dry I added a second coat and added black to make sure the detail will pop more. 

It looks really scary now, I might have gone a little overboard with the black acrylic.

I went ahead and sanded down some of the paint off to remove some of the black acrylic paint.
Then I just added another coat of gray metallic paint to the white parts.

After all the painting is done I just added the acrylic sealer to add some shine and protect the paint. 
Finally just add the chain and you are done! You have your very own Star Wars millenium falcon Falcon necklace. 

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 Stay geeky everyone!

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