Top 10 most viewed post round up!

Today I have a treat for you all! I have the top 10 round up of all time. I can’t believe that I have been blogging for almost two years and I have come so far. I have to say the thing that I like the best is that my craftiness has improved through the years. I can’t wait to see what else is in stored for me in the future. So here they are!

In the search for my top 10 most searched and viewed post I was surprises to see somethings and happy to know you guys appreciate all the hard work put into the crafts. 
First one up is…my very first chair reupholstering.

Click here to view the entire tutorial, this tutorial is so popular that its on my top 10 more than once.
Next up is my very first post about book folding. I still can’t believe that its so popular!

Click here to view more.

How interested are you about find it out what’s in my purse? I apparently a lot of you are! hehe.

Can you guess what I have in it? Click here to see if you are right.
Halloween is my favorite holiday and my Halloween wreath is also a popular view. 

Click here to view the tutorial.
I have another chair tutorial and its my dinning room chairs.
Of course Book folding Origami is always popular and the place to go!
If you want to hide your mess on your bookshelf then bookshelf curtains is what you need.
You all saw it on HGTV and now I have a tutorial so you can do it too!
If geeky is your style then I have this wonderful x-wing star war earings and ring. 

Click here
Thank you all for visiting and hope you stay crafty!

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