Chalkboard paint Halloween Skulls

I just love skulls for Halloween especially when they are 97 cents at Wal-Mart! How can I pass up a deal like that, right? I think this year they have stepped up their Halloween decoration because I found a look of nice stuff, like these Halloween skulls which I went too crazy for! My hubby was like how many are going to buy? I said as many as it takes! hehe.

I did not want to spend to much money on decorating the glass dome, so the skulls came in handy.  But I did not want to have just plain skulls, I need to put my stamp on it. So I decided to…
chalkboard paint the skulls!
I decided to sand down the skulls to make sure the chalkboard paint stayed on.

I did about three coats on each skull and then once they are try its time to have fun and chalk them all up. I think they look way better in black!

I went over the groves of the skulls to make them stand out more. They are all happy now in their new home inside my glass dome!

Stay Crafty everyone!


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