Halloween Fairy Skeleton Shadow Box Book

I am a big fan of altering old book and how can I not do one for Halloween?! I love watching Hocus Pucus every Halloween and the book of spells is something I wanted to replicate for a while but I wanted to do my own spin. I decided to make a dead fairy skeleton shadow box book. So the adventure began, I found a fake shadow boxes books at Micheal’s for only $3 for 4 different sizes. It was time to get to work.

I began with adding cotton filler cord that can be found in the reupholstering section at your craft store. I wanted to add extra texture to the book.
I glued it on with mod podge to the front of the book and I also spread it to all over the cover.
The good thing is that it take a little while to mod podge to dry so take your kraft paper and crumble it up and add some water to make it easier to crumble it up.
Now you can place the kraft paper around the book adding mod podge as needed. Be careful because the kraft paper is a little bit fragile due to the water and the mod podge.
I also did an eye ball shadow box book but that’s for later.
You can use a credit card or a flat card to help get into does small spaces to wrap around the kraft paper.
Let it dry over night, I know I hate waiting too but I really did not want to damage the cover. Now grab a small skeleton which you  can find at Michal’s or your local 99 cent store.
Add mod podge to the center of the front cover to attach the skeleton and the Tim Holtz ideo-logy regal ornaments metals which bring wings and a crowns. Once they are glued on and dried add tissue paper on top.

The tissue paper will help keep it in place and help with painting. Let it dry again.  Once dry its time for the fun part. Its time to paint it all black. I used black gesso which I watered down a little bit when applying it on.

You will need to apply a couple of coats depending how dark you want it to look.

 Again let it dry! haha. Now you can apply a metallic silver shimmer to it with a dry brush to the skeleton. The silver helps add more dimension to the book so I went crazy adding silver metallic to the entire book to show the creases and folds in the kraft paper .


The inside you can add anything you want! I covered the inside with scrapbook paper and added a stained craft wood for a shelf.


 I made one shelf seem more evil than the other. 

I started going through my stash of trinkets trying to find the perfect things for my fairy shadow box book. 

Stay crafty everyone,

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