Halloween Ribbon Wreath

I have been moving a lot for the last couple of year and as you can imagine a lot of things don’t happen to make it during all does moves. I was going through all my Halloween decor and I come to find out that don’t have as many as I thought and what I do have has gotten damaged with time. My very first Halloween wreath was completely demolished and it needed a face lift! So I went to work.

I had made Halloween ribbons in a previous tutorial click here to see it which I decided to use on this wreath.

Here is my destroyed Halloween wreath, this is what happens when you don’t store your wreaths well. But it was time to update it.

Of course no project can be complete without using hot glue!
Super easy and fast Halloween ribbon wreath updated in just a couple of hours. 
Does anyone have any advice on how to store your Halloween wreath?
Stay Crafty everyone,


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