Halloween Silhouettes with Free Printables!!

It can’t be Halloween with out some silhouettes! I have had this Ikea frames for a while with no use for them until now. The frames are the perfect Halloween green to go with my decor. I decided to make my very own Halloween inspired silhouettes with the help of my hubby of course.  I like to think that I am the girl and my hubby is the guy, hehe. Who knows maybe one day I’ll get my Mohawk.

I created this lovely silhouettes with black vinyl and my cameo silhouette which I am in love with! 
If you like my lovely Halloween silhouettes guess what?! I have provided free download for you to be able to use them. Do you have something in mind for this lovelies?
For the Halloween Man silhouette click here
For the Halloween girl silhouette click here
Please be aware this are for personal use and not for selling. Thank you!
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