Halloween Spider Burlap Covered Cabinet DIY

I love covering my cabinet, its way cheaper and easy to do for any holiday and you don’t have to spend too much time on it. In my last apartment I had modge podge my cabinet with fabric because they where hidious. Now I have pretty white cabinets but it looks to plain now that Halloween is around the corner. If you follow me on instagram you would have seen that I have been purchasing any Halloween fabric I can get my hands on and stashing them away. Until now, I found this spider Halloween burlap at Joann’s and I had the perfect project for it. Why not make a strip of spider burlap going done cabinet and I also found this spiderweb mesh fabric that just looks perfect with it.

Like I said before it won’t take you much time doing this tutorial unless you have a million cabinets in your kitchen.
I used the spider burlap and cut it into strips to cover the front of the cabinets. 

I sewed the seams of the burlap so it won’t fray too much.
I attached an elastic on the back to keep it tight around the cabinet.

I attached the spiderweb mesh with tape on the back because its a very stretchy fabric.

Now I am almost set up for Halloween!! I can’t wait. 
Stay Crafty.

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