Halloween wired ribbon bow and creepy crawlers

I saw this cute bow at Michael’s and I really wanted to make a few for a project I am working on. So if you have ever been wondering how to do this cute wired ribbon bow, then wonder no longer!
I have the tutorial just for you. I used a couple of different ribbons to make then all unique. You can make this bow for any occasion. I think it will look great for Christmas too.

Here we go!
Run to Michael’s and get two different sized wired ribbons. Keep in mind that you will be using almost all of the ribbon on the roll. You will need to use wired ribbon because it keeps the loops in place. 

Find a flat surface that you can wrap the ribbon around. I took the smaller ribbon and wrapped it around the width of the book. I wrapped the Halloween ribbon around five times.

Once that is done go ahead and take a zip tie or thread and tie it in the middle of the ribbon.

When tied just start pulling the loops to the side until you have them all spread out.
 You will need to do the same thing with the larger wired ribbon except you will need to wrap the ribbon around the length of the book. When you do this the bow will be larger.
Now you have two bows that will need to be combined together with another zip tied.
 To add a tale you will need to cut any extra ribbon you have as long as you want the tale.
Fold the wired Halloween ribbon in half and attach it with a zip tied to the rest of the bow.

Ta-da! You are completely done!! You can add creepy crawlers or creepy skeletons to your bows.

I added a spider to this Halloween wire ribbon bow.

Happy Halloween everyone and stay crafty,

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